Jan 15, 2012

Pink gyaru style shoes from Shoedazzle. Monthly shoe clubs: yea or nay?

Hello Beauties!

I still have no internet (til wednesday) but I wanted to show you these gorgeous shoes I got from Shoedazzle, so I'm posting from my phone!

I have been buying mostly stuff for the house, but I bought these shoes before we moved and they just arrived!

They are reminiscent of the chunky heeled shoes popular in gyaru fashion, like these:


I know some of you won't like these, but if you're a gyaru fan like me you'll understand ;)

I love love love them, best of all they're suede! Although they may not be everyone's cup of tea, I am absolutely smitten with them <3 I can't wait to find some cute outfits to pair them with.

I got these from Shoedazzle in their 50% off section. I don't buy from Shoedazzle often, as a lot of their shoes just aren't worth the $40 price tag. I mostly buy when they have 20-50% off promos or if there are a pair of boots that I really like.

The whole "monthly shoe club" isn't really my thing, as $40 a month for one pair of shoes doesn't appeal to the frugalista in me. I hate the fact that you have to remember to opt out every month, otherwise they automatically charge you the $40. That's one of the reasons I haven't checked out some of the others, like Just Fab. Having to remember to opt out of 3 or 4 different shoe clubs every month would be too much for my faulty memory. I also prefer looking for sales, as you can usually get great quality shoes for a better price.

What do you think about monthly shoe clubs? Love/hate/indifferent?

I have a whole bunch of posts for when my internet is back! Til then, I'll try to post when I can.
Ishah xx


  1. I love the shoe clubs...especially JustFab. I do shoedazzle too but have found more stuff I like from Justfab...I haven't been buying to much just because of not really needing it but I agree with not all look like they are worth the money.

  2. I may have to check out Just Fab, I've seen a lot of nice shoes from them popping up on different blogs. Their shoes look a bit classier than most of Shoedazzle's offerings.

  3. OOooh those are some beauties! I love the suede :)

    I'm a member at ShoeDazzle and LOVE them! I've written a review here if you want to see what I think... http://www.shoeclubreviews.com/shoedazzle/

    Have you had a chance to sign up to any other clubs? They all work the same way essentially but if you sign up for more you have a better chance of finding styles that you like.

  4. I haven't yet, but I plan on signing up to Just Fab this month :) What's your favourite shoe club?

  5. I'd have to say JustFab... They seem to have the most member perks for all the clubs I've tried and I seem to order more shoes from there than anywhere else. I've gotten some really nice shoes from SHoedazzle too though.


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