Jan 28, 2011

Fast Drying Top Coats - reward vs risk?

Hey Beauties!

I've recently started getting into nail polish and nail art. I've always loved to get a manicure; gel, acrylic or natural (depending on the condition of my nails!) and from time to time have gotten a little flower painted on, but I never really do it myself. There are two reasons for this; 1. I have no time and 2. I never seem to be able to get it looking nice.

Does this sound familiar? - You just finish your nails and are waiting for them to dry when your kids come running in, climbing all over you and asking you to do something for them which invariably destroys all your careful hard work. Or, you wait until they're in bed and do your nails at night.. but because you're so tired, you fall asleep waiting for it to dry and end up with sheet marks all over your manicure.

That happens to me ALL the time. I tried a few '60 second' nail polishes, namely Rimmel, with little results. They would dry to the touch in about 5 minutes or so, but they wouldn't be completely dry for an hour and didn't go on very smoothly. Then I started doing a bit of research into fast drying top coats.

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