Dec 31, 2011

Happy NYE!! Nails, Outfit and my New Years Resolution.

Happy New Year/New Year’s Eve Beauties!!!

I know some of you are already in 2012 and some of you (like me) are still counting down.

Just wanted to show you my outfit for tonight and my NYE nails :)

I’m wearing this gorgeous little black dress that I got in Australia somewhere… I don’t remember exactly where, but the brand is ‘Aqua’.


My statement piece is this beautiful necklace that was a gift from my mama. I’ll probably just wear small silver studs with it, so as not to detract from the focus on the necklace.


The grey platform pumps are from Wet Seal.



Since my outfit is simple, I decided to go a little more festive with the mani!


The base is Zoya Kimmy, except the ring finger which is Zoya Jules. Over Kimmy I layered China Glaze Fairy Dust except the ring finger, where I layered with Milani Gems.


My nails are so short at the moment!! I was stressed for a couple of days and ended up biting one of my nails off, so I had to cut the other to even them out :(

I’m still not 100% sure what we’re doing, but I’m sure we’ll find something fun.

This past year has gone so quickly! There have been a lot of good times,some #foreveralone times and so many exciting things have happened. I found myself feeling restless and a little unsatisfied with life at times, but as the year wraps up I know I have so much to be grateful for.

That’s why my New Year’s Resolution will be to fully appreciate what I have; my amazing family and friends, my health, a roof over my head, food to eat and the little luxuries like makeup & clothes…. and of course, the lovely people who take the time to read my blog!

I'll be taking a lot of pictures tonight and will soon be posting another Photo Diary entry, with my Xmas and NYE makeup, as well as a LOT more :)

I hope you all have/had a wonderful New Year’s!! What is your resolution?

Ishah xx

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  1. beautybymissl1/01/2012 5:04 AM

    Like your outfit and mani!
    Happy New Year!


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