Aug 3, 2011

Review: Candy Doll Lip Concealer from eki’s blog sale!

Hey Beauties!

A while ago I bought this Candy Doll lip concealer from Eki's blog sale. This is my first Candy Doll product and I was super excited about it since I am a gyaru ‘fan’ lol :)

I have been wanting to try a lip concealer for a while now because my lips are pretty pigmented naturally and sometimes lip gloss or lipsticks will look different on my lips than in the tube. This gets really frustrating when I buy something based on the tube or swatch colour and then it looks different on.

Eki is so lovely, she included this cute note and some samples for me!



Here’s the lip concealer on the Candy Doll website. It’s in Japanese, so either you should know how to read Japanese or you can bust out the Google Translate.. I give no guarantee that the translation will make perfect sense.

Ingredients: Daimajirinoreiru Daimajirinoru acid, polyglyceryl Toriisosutearin -2, isotridecyl isononanoate, Okuchirudodekanoru acid Daimajirinoru (phytosteryl / Isosuteariru / cetyl / stearyl / behenyl), (behenate / 2 eicosanoic acid), glyceryl, synthetic wax, Kyanderirarouesuteruzu, Karunaubarou, polyglyceryl -6 Poririshinorein, chamomile flower extract, squalene, jojoba oil, macadamia nut oil, grape seed oil, citrus unshiu peel extract, palmitoyl oligopeptide, palmitic ethylhexyl, Toribehenin, sorbitan isostearate, tocopherol, simethicone, Propylparaben, BG, dimethicone, phenoxyethanol, titanium dioxide, iron oxide, hydroxide Al, boron nitride, mica, talc

The lip concealer comes in pretty standard plastic packaging with the Candy Doll logo on the lid. Not super cute, but not ugly either.




I didn’t use a huge amount on my lips, I guess you are supposed to use more for full coverage. I think it concealed the pigment pretty effectively though even with a small amount. It didn’t feel drying which is a big plus. Usually concealer on my lips dries them out and causes flakies. NOT pretty. This lip concealer has a more runny liquid texture which felt pretty moisturising in comparison to regular concealer.

With Candy Doll lip concealer


NYX Mega Shine lipgloss – LaLa over Candy Doll lip concealer


While it did conceal the pigment and make the lip gloss colour more vibrant and closer to the tube colour, I feel that the lip concealer settled into my fine lines a bit and made them more obvious. It is more noticable on camera than in real life, though. I think it might work better under a more opaque gloss or lipstick rather than a semi sheer one. I was a little disappointed that it settled into the fine lines, but overall I think it's a pretty good product. I will try it again with a different lip product.

  • Concealed pigment well
  • Didn’t need a lot of product
  • Moisturising and non-drying
  • Made colour more vibrant
  • Settled into fine lines
Neither really.. Candy Doll is pretty expensive in the USA! And it’s an extra step in your makeup routine, so not really a timesaver. It’s more of a special ‘gyaru’ purchase for me

Want/Need/No Thanks?
I’m still undecided. I’m thinking WANT, but I’ll see how it performs with some other lipsticks and glosses.
Do you use lip concealer/regular concealer on your lips so your gloss colour looks true to the tube? Have you tried any Candy Doll products?
Ishah xx


  1. Makemommychic8/03/2011 12:28 PM

    Hi, no, i have never used a lip concealer before. I think that I would have the same issue you had- that the concealer would settle into the fine lines in my lips as I have dry lips. That would not be a pretty sight! Hopefully the product will work better for you with more opaque lipsticks? Thanks for the post :)

  2. Yes, the curse of having dry lips! I do much prefer this product to regular concealer though, that just dries my lips right out.

  3. This is so interesting, I've never even heard of a lip concealer before!


  4. thanks for the review i was also considering purchasing this.

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  6. Minza Siddiqui8/12/2011 10:00 AM

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  7. Tried Candy Doll Mineral (face) Powder. I feel like it is a little over-hyped, but it's still a good product. Thank you for the blog. It's nice to see real before and after photos. Have you tried their lipstick?

  8. I haven't, but I would love to. I want to try more Candy Doll products :)

  9. Oh my, finally! I've been looking for reviews that do comparison between with and without Candy Doll lip concealer after applying lipstick/lipgloss. It's disappointing that it settles into fine lines, what a huge con! Thank you so much for this, great review! I love Eki's blog too <3


Thank you for reading and taking the time to comment! :)

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