Jul 3, 2011

Forever 21 Haul: accessories & nail polish

Hey Beauties :) Happy Independence Day weekend for my US readers! And I'm informed it's also Canada Day weekend? Not sure about all this, considering I am an Aussie expat :)

I had some time to kill the other day (and only one child!) so I did a bit of shopping in Forever 21.

Here's what I got!

GORGEOUS bronzer, with gold shimmer and a rose imprint $3.80


Look at all that pretty gold shimmer!


3 really cute glitter nail polishes in flower shaped bottles.



Lovely red/pink duochrome. LOVE IT!


Cute little bow studs $2.80


Grey belt $2.50 Brown bow belt $3.80


Can you tell I have a thing for bows?

I also bought a super cute pair of sunglasses, but now I can't find them anywhere :( Story of my life!

Also, I just put a hit counter on my page, myyy it was a headache. I only recently started using google analytics, so it only showed my stats from the last 10 days. I then had to change it to reflect a more realistic view of my hits in the last few months which means I had to delete the hit counter and try again... this IT stuff is a hassle lol. Most of my pageviews are for my Missha BB Cream reviews!

Hope you guys all have a great weekend!

Ishah xx

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  1. Ishah @ Beauty Mamas8/02/2011 6:34 PM

    I am obsessed with bows :) And I was feeling so lucky to only have one child with me, I actually got to spend time on choosing stuff! haha


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