Jun 6, 2011

Manicure Monday/Mini Money Saver Makeover

Happy Monday, Beauties!

I'm posting this a little late in the day (night!!), I know. I wanted to get the all clear from my friend Christina to post her photos! There's nothing worse than a friend posting photos of you without telling you and you didn't really want anyone to see them.. Like those random pics on facebook with your face all shiny or making a weird expression and hair a mess that you get tagged in a million times and everyone sees them before you can untag yourself.

But I digress, these photos are definitely nothing bad like that. I just wanted to be sure she was comfortable with me blogging about her!

On Friday I went over to Christina's to do a mini eyebrow makeover. She was heading out to an anniversary dinner with her husband that night and wanted to look her best! I went over to give her a hand with them and also gave her a little manicure.

I think it's so much fun to get together with the girls and do some pampering. It kind of reminds me of when I was a teenager and we used to do makeover sleepovers. You're never too old for a bit of pampering, especially if you have little ones. It's all too easy to forget to take time for yourself and do those little things like eyebrows and nails, but those little things can really make a big difference in the way you feel about yourself! You could go to a salon, sure, but why spend all that money when you can do it at home with your friends?

Here is the mani :)



I used OPI Met On The Internet (this one is getting it's own post.. I have a story behind why I bought this gorgeous polish) and Nicole by OPI Love Your Life on the accent nail. She just wanted something simple and pretty and we thought this was really anniversary date night appropriate ;)

Eyebrows before:


Eyebrows after:


She has really light blonde hairs, so it was difficult to see them without a lot of light! We pulled over a lamp to help out the sun a little. She has great natural brows, so I just cleaned them up a bit and stuck with her natural shape.

We really had so much fun and our kids had a blast playing together. I think we should do regular Mama Makovers and Manis! It's a great Money Saver to do these things with your girlfriends instead of going to a salon! It might not turn out perfect, but you'll have a great time doing it :)

What's something you like to do to pamper yourself?

Ishah xx

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