Jun 10, 2011

FOTD Friday – Favourites and Falsies

It’s Friday, Fridayyyy, Gotta get down on Fridaayyy!!

Lame and played out Rebecca Black jokes aside, Happy Friday, Beauties!

I decided to enter a contest one of my fave bloggers, DSK Steph, is having and it required us to do a FOTD with some of our favourite products. This is such an awesome idea, I jumped at the chance to challenge myself a bit and see what I could come up with. As you all know, I’m no pro and I tend to lean towards more subtle looks, a) because I have to walk around with my kids and go to kiddy places and don’t want people thinking I’m a hooker weirdo, and b) because I can pull them off more easily. I wanted to use this as an opportunity to push my boundaries a bit and put more effort into a different look. I’ve also been wanting to try out my false lashes that I got from Forever 21!

So here, Beauties, is my Favourites FOTD.


Please excuse me, I went a little cam-happy and took 52642301 pictures. Yes, exactly that many.



I look stunned^ lol #deerinheadlights. But the falsies look freakin’ awesome. They are more on the natural side though (yes, I consider that natural!), so next time I think I’ll get some with a bit more drama. I am wearing my Geo Olive (Honey Wing) circle lenses. After looking at these pics I’m beginning to think that it’s mandatory to wear falsies with circle lenses… It must be an unwritten rule or something because they just seem to make the look much more appealing.

Close up of the eyes… my very first time wearing false lashes, ok? Don’t judge me T_T They didn’t quite stick at the edge… more glue next time! T_T You can only really notice it when my eyes are closed though. Anyone (Steph? lol) got any tips for falsies newbs like me?



I love gold and pink, they are my two favourite colours in makeup. I tried to do a three toned look, the darker pink/mauve on the inner eye, gold in the middle and a lighter pink on the outer corner. I think it turned out pretty nice! Definitely a look I'll try again.

These are the products I used.


Urban Decay Primer Potion Sin        Urban Decay Loose Pigments Yeyo
DSC_0948             DSC_0113

Urban Decay Summer of Love Palette Maui Wowie

LORAC Box Office Hit Palette
3rd Column, 2nd Row (light pink) &
3rd Column, 3rd Row (dark pink/mauve)


Urban Decay Eyeshadow Baked

Forever 21 False Eyelashes

Maybelline The Falsies Mascara             Urban Decay Liquid Liner
Black Drama                                         Perversion


Missha Perfect Cover BB Cream No. 31

Hello Kitty Memoirs of a Kitty Say Hello Palette Peach Blush


NYX Round Lipstick Tea Rose

My Faves!
Urban Decay is one of my favourite brands. They make gorgeous, high quality products with an edgy feel. The Summer of Love palette especially is on my ‘most used’ list, I love the sparkle in Maui Wowie!
Maybelline The Falsies is my HG mascara, it’s cheap and works wonderfully. Black Drama has a great formula, coating every lash and giving mega volume, length and curl.
The Missha BB Cream of course is my everyday foundation. You’ve read me gushing about it in numerous posts, I can’t live without it!
The Hello Kitty palette blush is a great peachy summery colour for me :) I love its soft glow.
NYX Round Lipstick is my newest fave, Tea Rose is a really pretty nude pink colour and it has such a creamy texture!

Another pic just for the heck of it.


Phew! That’s my FOTD Friday – Favourites & Falsies :) It was a long one!! I hope you ladies like it.
How do you feel about false eyelashes? Yay/Nay? Any tips on application?

You should head on over and enter the giveaway yourself, or just check out DSK Steph’s beauty and jewelry blogs. She does lovely FOTDs and NOTDs and reviews a lot of Asian and high end beauty products. Her jewelry is really delicate and pretty :)

Ishah xx


  1. I LOVE the eyelashes! And all your colors came out SO pretty! Now I want to go get pretty too! The falsies remind me of my wedding day - I had the best pictures because of them :) YAY!!! Good job Beauty Mama! You look like a babe!

  2. i'm loving this eye look i gotta try this since i have all those products! really pretty! the lashes look really good, i've got a ton of false lashes but i've yet to try them i gotta bite the bullet one day and do it!

  3. Ishah @ Beauty Mamas8/02/2011 6:34 PM

    I'm loving falsies at the moment :) Thanks!

  4. Ishah @ Beauty Mamas8/02/2011 6:34 PM

    Thanks! Glad you found the other post and it answered your questions :) Let me know if there's anything else you want to ask!

  5. Nice to see the BB cream in action...thanks for your posts here!


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