May 10, 2011

Yimane Nail Shorts Story Pink Crackle Polish from Born Pretty

Hey Beauties :)

Another nail polish post!! I can’t get enough of it lately :) I have fallen in love with crackle polishes, they just look so interesting and can be layered so many different ways. O.P.I.’s Shatter range is probably the most popular right now, but many other brands have been bringing out their own take on crackle polishes.

I recently got this pink crackle by Yimane Nail from the Born Pretty Store. I’m pretty sure it’s an exclusively Asian brand because I’ve never heard of it or seen it before. It may be exclusive to Born Pretty, who knows? I was a little wary of buying it, since it’s an unknown brand, but Born Pretty has had good quality every time I’ve purchased something from them so I thought I’d give it a go. And since it was only $4.55 I didn’t think it was much of a risk.

The bottle is just like Nicole by OPI’s bottle and has a pretty heart design on the front.


And yes. It is actually called Shorts Story. A story about shorts, maybe? Well, it is Spring!


Being lazy, I layered it over Zoya Kimmy which I was already wearing. I had a bit of a chip on my middle finger, but once I layered the crackle over it and it was dry it was pretty much unnoticable.

It dried to the exact colour of the bottle, however I don’t really like the matte finish so I put topcoat over it. That darkened the colour a bit, as you can see in the photo below.

Index and Middle with topcoat, Ring and Pinky without topcoat.

With flash.

This is with topcoat on all nails. Even though the colour is a bit darker, I still love it! It looks beautiful with the sparkly red of Zoya Kimmy peeking out.

In direct sunlight

This one is most true to actual colour. BEAUTIFUL! I can’t stop looking at my nails :)


The quality of this polish is really good. It crackles quite similarly to O.P.I. Black Shatter, but the formula isn’t as thick. For only $4.55 and free shipping, this is DEFINITELY a cheaper alternative to O.P.I.’s Shatters, although you won’t get the same colours or formula (think the red jelly shatter).

They come in a range of shades and I will definitely be picking up a few more. It looks like they have two different types of crackle polish, this one which dries with larger cracks - more similar to O.P.I.’s Shatter - and another one in a different bottle which dries with very fine cracks and more of the nail polish intact.

These are available at Born Pretty for various prices, $4.91 for this style of polish (some are on sale at the moment) and $4.02 for the other style (smaller cracks). This is a definite MONEYSAVER for me, as most crackle polishes (including Shatter which this is similar to) retail higher.
I have never had a problem ordering with Born Pretty, their customer service is good and the shipping is pretty fast considering it’s coming from Singapore. I have heard they had a few glitches with their first free stamping plate giveaway, but I think it’s because they are a new company and are still getting used to everything and working out their system.

Have you tried crackle polishes? Have you ever bought anything from Born Pretty?

Ishah xx

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  1. great tip! I'll definitely be checking these out!


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