May 8, 2011

Mother's Day NOTD

Happy Mother's Day, Beauties!
I'm missing my own Mama sorely at the moment, though she's only overseas and I know friends of mine have lost their mothers and are missing them even more... I am so incredibly grateful to have my mother in my life, she is a beautiful, powerful, intelligent woman who taught me how to think for myself and be compassionate.
My NOTD is a colour inspired by her, it perfectly captures her essence and personality and I know she would love it :)
Zoya Kimmy
In sunlight

In the shade

I've posted this shade before, but when I was looking for something for my Mother's Day mani, Kimmy just struck me as so perfect for my Mama. It's red and gold, with shimmer and sparkle, and reminds me of when she would dress up for her traditional Indonesian dance performances.
Isn't she beautiful? :)


Although it was Mother’s Day yesterday in Australia, it’s still Mother’s Day here in the US so she can have 2 Mother’s Days :)

I hope everyone had a lovely day and either got spoilt or spoiled their Mama!

I got breakfast in bed, a sleep in and a day to myself with hubby doing the laundry. Best gift ever ;)

Ishah xx

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