May 30, 2011

Manicure Monday & Memorial Day

Just a quick post to show you guys my Memorial Day nails. It's not a big holiday for me since I'm Australian, but I love any excuse for my husband to be home with us and to wear pretty nail polish! I love this gorgeous sparkly blue, Sinful Colors Nail Junkie. I'm going to do a proper swatch post with it and maybe a scotch tape nail art design. I'm kind of dreading the removal, but it's such a pretty shade it's worth it.

I've been using Orly Sec n' Dry top coat but i've noticed quite a bit of shrinkage so I think I'm going to return it and try something else.

Sorry they aren't high quality pictures but I've been out and about all weekend! We went to karaoke and bowling on Saturday night, a BBQ on Sunday, and right now we're at a friend's place after another BBQ.. oh and after this we're heading to my mother in law's for ANOTHER BBQ. Yeah, we're kind of event crazy over here. Tomorrow I'll have a review and a FOTD for you guys :) it's the makeup I have on right now, just something really light and fresh and summery. Hope you all had a great weekend!

Ishah xx

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