Apr 26, 2011

Review: Purederm Makeup Cleansing Tissues

If there’s one thing I need before I go to bed, it’s a clean face.

Yeah, I cleanse in the shower and all that, but sometimes you need to get all that panda eye and residual foundation. Enter the cleansing wipe.



I love cleansing wipes because they’re easy, convenient and portable! You can just throw them in your bag and go.

I got these from Forever 21 for $2.80 for a pack of 30 and they are definitely a steal!
The wipes are all nicely saturated with enough moisture to cleanse your whole face and leave you feeling refreshed and clean. They’re a good size, but a little on the thin side. I feel like they don’t glide as easily over the skin as some of the more quilted wipes, but they still do a pretty thorough job.


I used one after exfoliating in the shower and it got all my left over eye makeup and residual foundation off.


It left my skin feeling very fresh and had a slight tightening sensation. The scent of these is DIVINE!! I LOVE rose extract in every shape or form and these smell exactly like rose water. It’s subtle but delicious. A huge plus is that they didn’t irritate my sensitive skin at all. They didn’t even irritate my eyes when I was rubbing my eyeliner off. I’m sure I got it in my eye at least twice, but no stinging or eye watering to be seen (get it?). The wipes work great, but if you are removing a full face of makeup without cleansing/exfoliating in the shower first, you might need to use two sheets.


They also come in Cucumber extract which is pretty much exactly the same, with a different scent. I like these too, but nowhere near as much as the Rose extract Red heartRed heart I usually love Korean skincare products and these are no exception.. Can't wait to try their masks next!!


  • Cleanses well
  • Gorgeous scent
  • Good value
  • Non-irritating

  • On the thin side
  • Tugs a little over the skin
  • May need 2 depending how much makeup you have on

Yes! $2.80 is definitely affordable.

50/50. Yes if you are using it just for eye makeup, no if you are using it for a full face of makeup.. it’ll take a bit longer and you’ll end up using more than one wipe.

This is a WANT. I love the smell and it works ok for what I’m using it for. There are better cleansing wipes out there, but these are good value and again… THE SMELLL!!!!

Have you tried any Purederm products? Seen them anywhere other than Forever 21?

Ishah xx

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