Mar 24, 2011

Quick Update: Missha No. 31 and Going on a No-Buy

No-Buy - capitalised because I must remind myself it is Very Important to stick to it! We are currently in the process of buying a house and every little bit counts. I have placed myself on a No-Buy until we have completed the loan process, put down our deposit and closing costs etc, assessed how much we need to spend on repairs and made sure our savings are enough to cover it all. So for possibly the next two or three months (oh gawd) I will be extra tight with the purse strings. I will probably cave once in a while, but the real mission is to cut down on spending! I have plenty of things to review though, so blogging will continue at the usual pace.

Speaking of which, I received my Missha Perfect Cover BB Cream in No. 31 today! If you read my post on No. 23, you will remember me saying I thought I was between shades 23 and 31. Recently Missha sent a secret link to their email subscribers (and tweeted it also) with a promo: Perfect Cover BB Cream for $9.95 + $8.99 s&h. This is a savings of $20 woo! I was pretty much ecstatic, as it gave me a chance to buy No. 31 cheaply and see if I could create my perfect shade. They send these secret links out all the time, so it pays to be a subscriber. They also sent a free product, Garden Pleasure Honey and Lilac Body Scrub which smells divine!

Sorry for the bad quality photo.. I was lazy and took it on my phone... in the dark... yeah, silly me!
Anyone else cutting down on spending lately? C'mon, I don't want to feel alone in my retail therapy drought!!

Ishah xx


  1. I am! :( I need to get a job. lol. x

  2. Aw we will be in a drought together then! xx

  3. Aw we will be in a drought together then! xx

  4. This was amazingly helpful. I have No. 23 and just ordered 27.


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