Mar 8, 2011

Milani COLOR BRILLIANCE eye pencil review

Hey Beauties :)

Bought these Milani COLOR BRILLIANCE (yes, the name is in all caps) eye pencils on clearance at Target for around a dollar each, in #03 Green and #04 Purple.

They are both gorgeous colours, the purple has a silvery shimmer and the green has a gold shimmer. They are very pigmented, which I love. They don't rub off easily, to get them off my arm I had to use makeup remover. This is a plus for me as I'd prefer to have to use remover rather than having my eyeliner fading or smudging throughout the day.

I tried the green one out in a look today. It went on pretty easily, very minimal amount of tugging just at the outer corner of my upper eye. As the colour is so pigmented, I actually put a wash of my mid brown eyeshadow over it to tone it down a little. It stayed on ALL day. I put in on at 9am and right now at 9.49pm it is still on. It did fade a little, but this is after I gave the kids a warm bath and rubbed my eyes a couple of times. For an eyeliner I spent a dollar on, I am extremely happy with its performance.

These are usually $4.99, but hit up your local Target and see if they are still on clearance! I think they are even worth buying at full price. I'll have to try and find the other two colours as well.

Ishah xx

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