Mar 18, 2011

Maybelline Fit Me swatches.

Morning Beauties :) How was your St Patty's day? I don't really celebrate it.. it sort of just feels like another excuse for people to drink copious amounts of alcohol!

So I finally got around to swatching the samples of the Maybelline Fit Me foundation. There were a heap of shades to choose from, I picked from the 'medium' section; No 220, 230 and 235. These all had a warm tone to them, 225 was a little too cool and ashy for my skintone.

The texture of the foundation was very smooth and liquidy and felt light on the skin. It stayed wet for a while til I rubbed it into my arm and then it dried to a soft, dewy finish.

L-R: 220, 230, 235

 L-R: 220, 230, 235

 L-R: 220, 230, 235

The coverage looks pretty sheer, that's because they're trying to 'let the real you come through' as they say on the website. I'm guessing it's more for people that have pretty good skin and are looking for more natural looking makeup. I really like the feel of this foundation, it's very light and smooth and barely feels like you've got it on. It doesn't have that heavy makeup texture, it looks and feels more like dewy natural skin.

Out of the three, 230 seems to be my closest match with the same golden warm tone. 220 was too light and 235 was a little too red toned. This foundation is around $6.50... I mean, wow, SIX BUCKS!!!! I have a $1 off coupon, so I will probably (har har) go and spend the $5 to give this foundation a go. I think it's worth it just for the lovely texture and huge variety of shades. I love samples, because it's awesome to be able to find your perfect shade BEFORE you buy.

Has anyone tried Maybelline Fit Me Foundation yet? What was your experience?
Do you like light, natural looking makeup? Or do you prefer a more full coverage polished look?

Ishah xx

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