Mar 14, 2011


Morning Beauties, just a quick post about the LORAC event on HauteLook at the moment.

I just ordered a LORAC makeup palette, mascara and lipgloss on HauteLook and all up with shipping it was $31.16. This is less than what the makeup palette by itself was being sold for on Ulta! HauteLook isn't always such great value, but sometimes they have an awesome makeup sale. A few months ago they had an Urban Decay sale for $2 an item!! Needless to say I was up bright and early for that one.. got about 4 items and paid around $15 total with shipping. You have to be on the lookout for these 'blowouts' as they call them, they usually start at 8am and you have to be on the ball to get something you want. The LORAC sale starts at $1.99 for their Lip Polishes, a cute little lip gloss in a nail polish like bottle.

If any of you want to check it out, my referral link is

You get $10 when someone you have referred makes a first time purchase but even if you don't bother with referrals, it's worth being a member just for the awesome blowouts they have from time to time. I'm not all that fanatical about promoting my referral link, but hey if any of you are going to join anyway, why not help a sister out? ;)

Have you used HauteLook before, or are you interested in checking it out? Are you a member of any other sample sale websites like this?

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