Mar 20, 2011

Review: Keeki Lip Balm.

Hello on this fine Sunday, Beauties! ^_^

I had an awesome morning yesterday participating in a product info event at Sephora.. Posting about that soon!

Today I have the review on the Keeki pure and simple lip balms sent to me as a prize for a trivia question on their Facebook! Go and follow them, they are good people ;) First, let me talk a little about the company.
This is from their website:

"If you're a mom, what do you do when the non-toxic, organic cosmetics you're looking to buy for your children don't seem to exist?

If you're Natalie Bauss and Katy Scheffler, two West Michigan moms, friends, and entrepreneurs, you create Keeki Pure and Simple products and start a successful business while you're at it."

I absolutely LOVE the idea of non-toxic, organic makeup. Not only to use ON your kids but also to use AROUND your kids. I have two boys and they aren't all that interested in wearing makeup. They do, however, like to be around me while I'm doing my nails and putting my makeup on and I don't want them breathing in potentially harmful chemicals. When I heard about Keeki pure and simple, I was ALL over it. The nail polishes especially appealed to me, but I also wanted to try some of their organic, gluten-free lip balms (lip balm being the only thing my boys actually request me to put on them).

Luckily for me, I follow Keeki on Facebook and, along with another fan, correctly answered a trivia question they had posted. Being the lovely people they are, they promised to send both of us a free lip balm! When the mail came, I was pleased and surprised to see they had sent not one, but two yummy lip balms in Minty Vanilla Cooler and Orange Creamsicle. Here are the ingredients:
Click to enlarge.

These guys use food grade ingredients in these lip balms. So when I say they smell good enough to eat, I mean it. Literally. Not that I sit around eating lip balm or anything >.> but since my boys lick the balm off the minute I put it on them, I don't have to be concerned about what they're ingesting.

Both balms are smooth and moisturising, really great for dry chapped lips and they last. I have a problem with balms either not lasting or being too heavy and greasy, but the formula on these seems to be just right. The Minty Vanilla Cooler gives you a slight tingling sensation. It actually feels and smells a lot like my Softlips balm in Mint (unfortunately without the spf 20 factor) but lasts longer. I have to reapply the Softlips constantly, the Keeki balm stays put a lot longer. Orange Creamsicle has the same great formula, but I don't like the smell as much as I like MVC. The orange scent is mixed with some kind of essential oil and it's a bit strong for my tastes. I think MVC will be my go-to lip balm from now on!

Thanks again to Keeki pure and simple!! I will definitely be repurchasing the lip balm (they retail for $5.99 each) and buying more products from them very soon :)

Do you guys prefer to use natural/organic products? Or do you not mind as long as they do the job?

Ishah xx

Note: The products in this post were sent to me as a prize in a giveaway by Keeki pure and simple. This is entirely my own opinion.

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