Mar 10, 2011

Color Club #13 (no-name polish) & Hello Kitty nail stickers

Good Evening, Beauties :)

A while ago I bought a 7 pack of Color Club polishes from Ross that had no names. They only have a number on the bottom... poor little nameless polishes. I feel like they become like faceless androids when they don't have a name. No matter how nice a colour, they lack personality. It's not a huge deal, just one of my little quirks.

Onto the polish! The formula was a little gloopy and became tacky quickly so I had to work pretty fast. I did 3 coats because the first was a little streaky (a result of not being quick enough!) so I had to cover it up. I got a couple of bubbles in my middle finger, but they are unnoticeable under a topcoat.Overall application wasn't too bad once I got the hang of it.

This is 3 coats without topcoat.

I love this colour, it's bright and vivid and makes me happy :) you can see a couple of flaws in my application there, which is why I love topcoat.... my sons managed to open a bottle of ORLY Honeymoon in Style and spilled it all over my polish storage box, which is why you can see some sparkly stuff on the bottle. Luckily they didn't eat any!!!

With a nail sticker and one coat of Rush topcoat.

Yes, I know... I still haven't gone out and bought a new topcoat. I did see a rep from Essie on recommend that you reapply topcoat every day to avoid chipping. I must try that and see if it works. As for the nail sticker... well it is a cheapie one that I got in a bunch of Hello Kitty stuff I bought at Target.

Honestly it wasn't worth the effort to put it on. They are a little too stiff and pulled away from my nail after about a minute.. even with 2 thick coats of topcoat :( Actually, I stuck a few on my phone and they look really cute and don't come off, so I think that might be a more appropriate way of using them.

I have no girls, so I have to revel in cuteness all by myself. I miss my nieces!

That's all for tonight :)

Ishah xx


  1. ooo yes def do topcoat everyday. It helps with all the washing up! I sometimes put 2 on so my polish lasts cos I don't get to do my nails too often :( It's your sis btw..

  2. oh and i love ur blog!

  3. Lol, why are you an anon.. THANK YOU I love you xx

  4. Found your page from the Zoya FB page!

    Love the Hello Kitty!! I'm a huge Hello Kitty fan too!! I'm your newest follower! :)

    ~ Di

  5. Thanks Di! Good to have you as a follower :) It's nice to meet other mamas that love beauty and fashion.

  6. Thanks Di! Good to have you as a follower :) It's nice to meet other mamas that love beauty and fashion.

  7. oh and i love ur blog!


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