Feb 25, 2011

AVON Smooth Minerals Powder in Shell

So my AVON order came after about a week.. I was expecting it to come sooner, but I guess it wasn't too bad. Next time I may try personal delivery and see if that works better for me.

The packaging is pretty standard looking, plain black lid with a clear compartment for the powder. It is a little small, but not too bad for $8.99.

The cool thing about the design of the container is how the powder is dispersed. There is a small opening which is sealed when the lid is open, but when you close the lid it unseals. You can then shake out whatever amount of powder you want into the closed lid.

The second photo is taken with flash and is more true to the colour of the powder.

As with most mineral powders, it has a slight shimmer to it

Swatch without flash

With flash, you can see the shimmer.

I tried the mineral powder on it's own, no concealer or liquid foundation, in order to get an idea of the coverage and wear time. I am just wearing moisturiser underneath.

Click to see full size.

This is at night, with flash but I think it's pretty close to the true colour of the powder. I have a golden (some would say yellow! :p) cast to my skin and I don't think this powder matches perfectly. You can see the difference in the colour of my d├ęcolletage and my face (oh the horror!) but this is more noticeable with the camera flash than it is in natural light.   It is fairly sheer, I would only use it to even out my skintone, not for hiding dark spots or blemishes. I think if you are looking for full coverage, then using it over concealer or foundation it would be better. I think I will continue to use this powder over my Missha BB Cream, but not so much on its own. I may have to see if they have a warmer colour in the mineral powder range which suits my skintone better. I wore this for about 5 hours before having a shower and taking it off. It lasted well, I didn't notice it wearing off at all and this is without primer. I will have to wear it a full day and see if it lasts.

Please excuse my weird lipliner colour, it looks strangely dark in the flash, however it is actually closer to my lipstick colour in natural light... I really should have taken this pic in the daytime, but with kids you have to take whatever time you can get!

Also, I just wanted to post a pic of my lashes!! This is with one coat (ONE COAT!) of The Falsies by Maybelline.

I love, love, love this mascara! I never had much success with the other Maybelline mascaras, although they have gotten rave reviews. This one is my HG mascara. I like it better than any other mascara I've tried. There is a little flaking as you can see, but not so much to lessen my love of this product. It coats sooooo well and gives so much volume and even lengthening. I will do a post on it very soon :)

Ishah xx

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