Dec 31, 2011

Happy NYE!! Nails, Outfit and my New Years Resolution.

Happy New Year/New Year’s Eve Beauties!!!

I know some of you are already in 2012 and some of you (like me) are still counting down.

Just wanted to show you my outfit for tonight and my NYE nails :)

I’m wearing this gorgeous little black dress that I got in Australia somewhere… I don’t remember exactly where, but the brand is ‘Aqua’.


My statement piece is this beautiful necklace that was a gift from my mama. I’ll probably just wear small silver studs with it, so as not to detract from the focus on the necklace.


The grey platform pumps are from Wet Seal.



Since my outfit is simple, I decided to go a little more festive with the mani!


The base is Zoya Kimmy, except the ring finger which is Zoya Jules. Over Kimmy I layered China Glaze Fairy Dust except the ring finger, where I layered with Milani Gems.


My nails are so short at the moment!! I was stressed for a couple of days and ended up biting one of my nails off, so I had to cut the other to even them out :(

I’m still not 100% sure what we’re doing, but I’m sure we’ll find something fun.

This past year has gone so quickly! There have been a lot of good times,some #foreveralone times and so many exciting things have happened. I found myself feeling restless and a little unsatisfied with life at times, but as the year wraps up I know I have so much to be grateful for.

That’s why my New Year’s Resolution will be to fully appreciate what I have; my amazing family and friends, my health, a roof over my head, food to eat and the little luxuries like makeup & clothes…. and of course, the lovely people who take the time to read my blog!

I'll be taking a lot of pictures tonight and will soon be posting another Photo Diary entry, with my Xmas and NYE makeup, as well as a LOT more :)

I hope you all have/had a wonderful New Year’s!! What is your resolution?

Ishah xx

Dec 23, 2011

Ombre/Gradient 'Velvet Glimmer' Lips

I wanted to try a simple, yet extra special look for a special occasion and I am stuck on a look I saw in a video by Michelle Phan. It’s called ‘Velvet Glimmer’ lips and it just looks SOOOO pretty I had to try it myself. It's an ombre/gradient look, using lipstick and a gold eyeshadow. It's SUPER easy to do, you basically just apply your lipstick, then gently pat gold eyeshadow in the center of your lips, working it slightly outwards to give it a gradient look.

I decided if I’m going to do a bold lip, I’ll tone it down with the eyes and just use a couple of lighter gold shades.

For the eyes:
Firstly, lined my lower lashline with NYX Slim Eye Pencil in Velvet
Then I put a little Urban Decay Loose Pigment in Yeyo on the inner corners
I used Urban Decay Eyeshadow Chopper on the outer half of the lid
I then used Urban Decay Eyeshadow Maui Wowie on the inner half of the lid and blended it into Chopper
Lastly, I used a matte nude shadow from my Hello Kitty palette to blend into my crease and browbone and topped it off with two coats of Dolly Wink Long Mascara.
I'm also wearing my Geo BerryHolic Turquoise circle lenses! :)

For the lips:
I applied Eyeko Liptastik Glossy Lip Pen in Lip Lover all over my lips as a rich, velvety base
I then lightly patted Urban Decay Eyeshadow in Maui Wowie in the centre of my lips with an eyeshadow brush. You could just as easily use your finger, though.

The lips look best matte in my opinion, but if you wanted to, you could dab some gloss over them too. It's a subtle look, but gives you an extra pop and makes your lips look fuller.

I am totally loving this look, it’s bright and vibrant without being too over the top. Now I have to find an outfit to go with it!

Do you like this Ombre/Gradient look? Or do you prefer something more traditional/crazier?

Dec 21, 2011

Last minute gifts: my faves at Forever 21.

Hey Beauties! It’s almost Christmas!

I usually get all the big ticket items a month early, but 2 days before Christmas I always end up frantically looking for small last minute gifts. If you're like me and need some inspiration, here's a few things I picked up from Forever 21 for small gifts/stocking stuffers/hostess gifts that are easy and much nicer than boring bath sets.

Forever 21 has so many cute and inexpensive accessories that would be perfect for gifts. I picked up these furry earmuffs for $3 each.


Aren’t they gorgeous??

This lovely necklace was $3.80


These super cute earrings were only $1.50 each!


I don't remember exactly how much this necklace was... but it was under $5. It's on their website anyway.


Bow hair clips, $1.50 wtf.


You could mix and match with these and come up with an awesome little fashion gift basket.

They also have a lot of really cute beauty products, like these pretty nail polishes (you might have seen them in my header!) and bronzer



I haven't bought any yet, but their facial masks look really good and like they would smell fabulous. A few of those with some nail polish and a mini manicure set could make a great spa basket for a hostess gift.
I love Forever 21, because they have such a huge selection of accessories and cosmetics that are under $5. Getting gifts there is a definite Christmas Moneysaver and we all know we could stand to cut down a little on our holiday spending. And let’s face it… I’m cheap. I have of a lot of people I want to buy gifts for and I’m not rich :’( the less money I spend the better.

Have you done all your Christmas shopping yet? I think I’m done… actually I think I bought too much stuff for myself =_=

Ishah xx

Dec 19, 2011

For Days Mousa Sheet Mask - not super attractive, but super effective.

I actually picked up this mask as a sample at a Japanese festival in Torrance. They were giving out other things like key rings and stationary, but you know I had to grab the sheet mask!

I had never heard of the brand For Days before, apparently they just recently launched in the US and they specialise in nucleic acid nutrition. I'm not sure if they are currently in any stores or where they are selling the products, but you can contact them on their website.

DSC_1568 (Small)

[Serum Mask]
8 sheets, 0.85fl.oz/sheet
Member's price...$135 without tax
Retail price...$160 without tax

This serum-soaked mask enhances skin tone and elasticity. With a double-layered eye flap, it gives advanced care for the most delicate eye area. Use 2-3 times a week for special care.

DAMN that is one pricey sheet mask. I don't think I could afford to buy this on a regular basis.

Be prepared for some really super ugly pictures of me with the sheet mask on……………… ………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………

Dec 17, 2011

Photo Diary I: My birthday and some new purchases!

So 8 days ago it was my 26th birthday! Gosh, time flies... I can't believe I'm already in the downward slide towards 30.... Ok, so 30 is nowhere near old, but sometimes I wish I'd just stay 21 forever.

I celebrated on the Saturday and decided to play into the Asian stereotype and do Karaoke! I looooove karaoke, I could go with one other person, stone cold sober and sing for hours. We went to Plush Karaoke Lounge in Irvine, which doesn't have an ultra huge selection and is a little pricey but the rooms are very nice and it's close. We were there for 3 hours and honestly, it wasn't enough time. I could've sang for 5 hours straight. I should probably mention that it was my husband’s birthday as well… yes, we have the same birthday albeit he is 5 years older. He never wants to do it big and celebrate much though, so I have to just make about MEEEEEE! Yes, that is my excuse :p

Here is the past week's photo diary, including some bday pics and some new purchases!

Dec 13, 2011

Eyeko Liptastik Glossy Lip Pen & FOTD

Hello my Beauties!

I've heard a lot about Eyeko from numerous beauty bloggers, but as they're a UK brand it's very hard to find in the US. I decided to follow them on Facebook in hopes of them posting a good promotion that would justify me paying the $7 shipping fee (yes, I'm cheap). My cheapness paid off when they did a 50% off promo, and I indulged a bit and bought some products I'd had my eye on.
One of those was the Liptastik Glossy Lip Pen that, (fortunately for me), was on special 3 for 2 ^_^ UNfortunately, they are discontinued since I guess Eyeko decided to focus on eye products only. I'm not sure if they plan to reintroduce other products, but I hope they do because I love their lip and nail products especially. The shipping was relatively fast for international, about a week and a half, and it came as registered post.


The three shades are:

 Hot Lips                         Lip Lover                         Loudmouth

The flash gives it a bit of an orange tinge on the edge of the swatch, but that’s definitely not evident in real life. Hot Lips is a bright pinkish/violet, Lip Lover is a warm flame red, almost bordering on orange, and Loudmouth is a gorgeous hot pink.


The lipstick itself looks quite well made and is a twist tube so there is no wasting product by having to sharpen it. Liptastik glides onto the lips very smoothly and is VERY richly pigmented. For being a 'glossy' lip pen, I found it actually had a velvety matte finish which I LOVE. It's very creamy and moisturising though and if I want it glossy I just put a similar shade of lipgloss over it. It lasts a long time and stains your lips somewhat, so I usually just top up the gloss over it to refresh the colour. I actually wiped the swatches with a makeup wipe and it took a lot of rubbing to get them off.. even then there was a light, but visible stain.

I really love all the shades, they are all gorgeously bright and vivid. My favourite is probably Loudmouth.


Missha Perfect Cover BB Cream #31
Avon Smooth Minerals Blush Duo in Warm Beauty
Dolly Wink Long Mascara
Eyeko Graffiti Eyeliner Pen in Jet Black
ELF Treat & Tame eyebrow gel in Medium
Eyeko Liptastik in Loudmouth
A few #vanity phone pics…

Hot Lips

Although the Liptastik lip pens are no longer being sold on the Eyeko website, you can still purchase all three shades from Cherry Culture along with quite a few of the other discontinued Eyeko products. Have you tried any Eyeko products? Do you have any faves? I want to try their Big Eyes mascara!

Ishah xx

Nov 13, 2011

Missha Perfect Cover BB Cream No. 27 Review & comparison: No. 23 ‘Natural Beige’, No. 27 ‘Honey Beige’ & No. 31 ‘Golden Beige’

 Ok, it’s LOOOONG overdue, but I finally got around to doing a comparison of these three shades.

I have previously reviewed Missha Perfect Cover BB Cream No. 23 ‘Natural Beige’ and No. 31 ‘Golden Beige’ and was excited to see they introduced a shade in between, No. 27 ‘Honey Beige’.


There was definitely a huge gap between the cooler toned No. 23 and the very warm toned No. 31 and i think No. 27 is a perfect balance between the two. I tend to be warm toned, so although I had previously used No. 23 in Winter when my skin tone was a bit lighter, it was still too cool and had a bit of a greyish cast that was noticeable on my skin. No. 27 is a perfect lighter shade for me in the cooler months.

Left: No. 23                          Middle: No. 27                           Right: No.31

Partially blended in, still creamy
Left: No. 23                          Middle: No. 27                           Right: No.31

More blended, dry to the touch
Left: No. 23                          Middle: No. 27                           Right: No.31

The difference in tone and shade are apparent, No.23 is for much lighter, cooler toned skin. No. 27 is definitely ‘honey’ in colour, whereas No. 31 looks almost orangey next to it.

As for texture, coverage and finish, No.27 is just like the others I have previously reviewed :) I will be using No. 27 in the cooler months and No. 31 in Summer when I have a bit of a tan. No. 23 I think I’ll send to my sister who is lighter than me and a bit more cool-toned.

Check out my other posts on Missha Perfect Cover BB Cream.

I hope this helps anyone who is looking at buying one of these shades!

Missha is a great BB Cream brand and they are constantly having promotions. Recently I got a free full sized BB Cream for the launch of their new site, just for being an email subscriber! They usually post their promos on Facebook and Twitter, but I think being an email subscriber to their website is probably the best way to find out about specials and discounts. At the moment they are offering a e-giftcard with all purchases of $40 or more, $20 off for VIP members and $15 off for existing and new members. I have not been asked by the company to promote them, I just truly love the brand! :)

Ishah xx

Nov 7, 2011

Holiday Gift Hitlist! What women REALLY want.

Ok, when I say women what I really mean is me. What I really want. But these are some pretty awesome products that I’m betting you will want too! :)

My husband is completely sports obsessed. He’s bought me Dodgers and Lakers items galore, and I have no objection to this as long as they’re cute. The one thing he hasn’t bought me yet is any NFL merchandise (his team is the Steelers).

Luckily for him, NFL have released a whole bunch of new merchandise and accessories for the 2011 season, and there are some really cute items that would make a great gift! This long sleeve that I’m wearing is an NFL x Victoria’s Secret Pink collaboration and would be a perfect pj/lounging top as it’s super comfy.

 DSC_1451 DSC_1456 DSC_1462

They have a LOT, a WHOOOLE LOOOT, of clothing and accessories available, from jerseys, tees and fluffy boots to watches, nail polish and leopard print handbags.. Here are a few of my faves.

Cuce Shoes New York Jets Supporter Boots – $134.99

KE Specialties Pittsburgh Steelers Team Colors Nail Polish - Set of 2 – $14.99

Pittsburgh Steelers Women's Victory Play T-Shirt –$23.99

Check out for these and lots more.


You may have seen my review on Red Carpet Manicure at-home gel system.

This would be a perfect gift for someone who enjoys a long lasting manicure, but doesn’t want to spend a lot of money going to the salon all the time.

The Starter kits go from $59.99


No Holiday season would be complete without makeup (or so I tell myself).

Urban Decay is one of my favourite makeup brands, and their sets are always gorgeous and great value.
Look at the beautiful butterfly detailing on this one!

Book Of Shadows IV – $64


I love everything Hello Kitty, and these brush sets are absolutely to die for!!

Graffiti 5-Piece Brush Set (Original Price $49) – $25

Original Hello Kitty Brush Set – $49

Glittercute Collection Made With Swarovski Elements – $495 (Hey, a girl can dream right?)


Well that’s what’s on my Christmas list (and also birthday list… since my birthday is in December!), what’s on yours?

Ishah xx

Disclosure: A product/products in this post were sent for review consideration by PR representative of the company. This in no way influences my opinion of the product.

Nov 5, 2011

My fave Winter products!

Well, Winter is steadily approaching and my skin is steadily getting drier. It’s around this time that I will usually switch to more pampering products in order to keep my skin soft, smooth and hydrated. These are a few of my faves.

When it’s cold I absolutely love a hot bath.. Like a STEAMING hot bath, with lots of bubbles and stuff like bath salts/bath bombs/bath oil… anything that smells good and is relaxing.

Calgon has been making bath products for the past 50 years and recently launched a brand new website These are two of their products that I tried and loved.


The Moisturizing Shower Gel & Foam Bath in Tahitian Orchid is heavenly. I used it in my bath and it bubbled up into quite a lot of lovely, slightly scented foam that felt really moisturising. It’s infused with Vitamin E, Aloe and Shea Butter which left my skin feeling really nice and silky. The scent was gorgeous, on the website they say; ‘Delicate yet complex describes this fragrant festival of summer jasmine, mimosa and Tahitian Orchid. Melon and subtle hints of lemon enhance the intensity of the experience’… I could definitely smell the jasmine (since I have no idea what a Tahitian orchid smells like!), but it wasn’t overpoweringly strong. In fact I thought it could be a little stronger, but for people who are sensitive to fragrances, this would be perfect. I will be repurchasing :)

The Relaxing Bath Salts in English Garden however had a much stronger scent. It’s described as ‘A romantic bouquet of flowers that captures the essence of moonlit strolls in a lush, enchanted garden’. I almost wish the bath salts had been Tahitian Orchid as well, since English Garden reminded me a bit of my Grandmother’s old bath and lotion sets she always liked to get for Christmas. It wasn’t horrible, but it was a bit too sickly sweet for my tastes. They dissolved nicely in the hot water though and added oils and minerals to the water that soaked into my skin and left it with that kind of sheen you get from bath oils. I’m definitely going to be picking it up in a few different scents.

My hands get really dry in Winter, especially my cuticles, and I’m always looking for products that soften the cuticles without leaving them really oily and shiny.

Burt’s Bees is one of my favourite skincare brands. They make lovely natural, cruelty free products.


The Lemon Butter Cuticle Cream is well known in the nail blogosphere. It’s rich and moisturising, but not as oily as most cuticle oils. It has a fresh lemony scent that isn’t too sharp or strong, and the creamy formula is great at softening my super dry cuticles. It has Sweet Almond Oil and Cocoa Seed Butter to moisturize and soften your cuticles while Vitamin E and Sunflower Oil nourish brittle nails. I’ve had it for a couple of months now and haven’t made so much as a small dent in the tub.

Lip balm is my absolute go-to product in Winter… or any time for that matter. I tend to have dry lips and find myself constantly reapplying lip balm throughout the day.

eos (evolution of smooth) lip balms and hand lotions are well known and loved among many beauty bloggers. Their lip balms are 95% organic, 100% natural, gluten, paraben and petrolatum free.


I have two of their super cute smooth sphere lip balms, summer fruit and sweet mint. These are just SO CUTE, I love the shape and it fits perfectly in my hand. The shape also allows the lip balm to be applied easily and the formula is very smooth, creamy and moisturising. I am a lip balm fanatic and this is my new favourite. Both scents are lovely, and have a slightly sweet taste. I am also going to look for strawberry sorbet and honeysuckle honeydew.

Of course, I can’t forget body wash and lotion.. especially for my arms and legs. They get all dry and ashy if I don’t take good care of them (ewww.. not a good look) so it’s important for me to have good products that hydrate really well.

Nivea has always been a part of my life. It’s my mother’s favourite brand of moisturiser and when I think of her ‘mother’s smell’ it is always the smell of Nivea body lotion. She has always hounded me to ‘put some cream on’ after having a shower, so I grew up using Nivea and they have never let me down in terms of hydration.


The new Hydra IQ Non-Stop 24hrs+ formula is wonderful, the Touch of Cashmere Cream Oil Body Wash is ultra rich and creamy, and leaves my skin feeling soooo super soft and silky. It does feel like there’s a bit of a film on it after I rinse off, but when I’ve dried off with a towel, it’s no longer there and my skin feels satiny. It also smells gorgeous, sort of jasminey (since again… no idea about orchid blossom scent.. I didn’t realise they had much of a scent).

The Express Hydration Freshening Gel has a lighter consistency to the regular body lotion, but it hydrates just as well, if not better. It has natural sea minerals so it absorbs into the skin quickly and doesn’t leave any greasy residue, but I only applied it once in the morning and my skin felt hydrated definitely til the next day. It smells similar to the old body lotion, which I love since it reminds me of my mother, but has a bit of a fresher, lighter scent. It has cooling mint extract which leaves your skin feeling cool and fresh.

What are your favourite products when the weather starts getting colder?

Ishah xx

Disclosure: A product/products in this post were sent for review consideration by PR representative of the company. This in no way influences my opinion of the product.

Oct 31, 2011

Halloween FOTD! School Girl Costume and Makeup.

Happy Halloween, Beauties! Finally got around to doing a costume post… Meant to do this over the weekend!

I wanted to do a cute gyaru influenced school girl costume.

Well if you have your old school uniform lying around, this could be a cute costume! I didn’t, but I got this one from Ebay (it’s a Party City one) and I think it’s really cute :) I also bought some leg warmers (also from Ebay) to give the costume some extra flair, but loose socks would look good as well (think japanese school girl style loose socks).

 DSC_1113 (Medium)

I paired it with some small pearl earrings, bow hairclips and fashion glasses from Forever 21. I love these glasses, they give off an ulzzang feel.

DSC_1171 (Medium)

Close up of the eyes..

DSC_1182 (Medium)

Makeup is simple,

Eyes: Urban Decay neutral matte brown eyeshadow, Eyeko Graffiti liquid liner on top, Ardell false eyelashes - 105 and Dolly Wink Long mascara to open up my eyes and set off the contacts. They are my Puffy 3 Tone/Shinny Grey circle lenses.

Cheeks: soft pink blush on the apples of my cheeks for a ‘sweet’ look – I used Boots No7 Natural Blush Cheek Colour in Candy Pink.

Lips: Urban Decay lipstick in Lovechild and femme couture Super Juicies Sheer lipgloss in Light Pink for pretty, glossy pink lips. I always associate young girls with pink lipgloss.

The whole look is pretty simple, but it’s cute and has gotten lots of compliments so far! I am loving the glasses and leg warmers especially :) It would be pretty easy to put together if you’re still stuck for a costume.

Here’s some phone pics!


With Queen Bee Mai <3


I can’t wait for tonight! We’ll be having a small dinner party with friends and then going trick or treating around the neighbourhood with all the kids :) It’s always fun with good friends.

I’ll be posting up my pics from tonight of everyone’s costumes!

What are you doing for Halloween? Do you have your costume ready?

Ishah xx

Oct 25, 2011

Review: Red Carpet Manicure at-home gel system

Hey Beauties!

It’s Halloween time again… I am seeing the beauty blogs stuffed to overflowing with Halloween makeup and nail posts and I’m here to add my 2 cents :D


I was recently sent the Red Carpet Manicure Starter kit to try and I thought it would be great to use for my Halloween manicure as it’d be long lasting (hopefully.. I’ll let you know next week!) and I have a number of different events to go to. I’ve been super excited to try out this at-home gel system, as I LOVE gel nails but don’t really want to pay to go to a salon every time I want to get them done (when my lovely friend Mai isn’t available… I don’t think she loves me any more ;_; just kidding!). I know a few nail bloggers have been DIYing gel manicures for a while now, but all those systems are really intended for professional use only and I’m far from a professional. So with the Red Carpet Manicure system being marketed as ‘at-home’ gel system, it immediately piqued my interest. Total Money Saver!

From Red Carpet Manicure:


Red Carpet Manicure is the first of its kind in the retail market bringing the professional
salon experience to the masses. With 36 different shades and a portable or professional LED
light, consumers now have an affordable, easy and safe way to have beautiful gel nails
within minutes that lasts for weeks!

A full system costs $57.94, which works out $2.90 each for twenty at-­home applications compared to an average of $40.00 for each professional application in the salon. (Note: Don’t know why it says $57.94 when the starter kit is $59.99.. maybe I’m missing something? – Ishah)

Step 1: Prep
Prep Max Adhesion Sanitizer: $3.99
Step 2: Care & Color
Structure Base Coat Gel: $9.99
LED Gel Polish (36 shades): $9.99
Brilliance Seal and Shine Top Coat: $9.99
Step 3: Finish
Revitalize Nourishing Cuticle Oil: $3.99
Purify (Pre and Post Application Cleanser): $3.99
Step 4: Removal
Erase Gel Polish Remover: $3.99
Lights and Starter kits:
Pro:45 Light: $49.99
Portable LED Light: $19.99
Starter kit with professional light: $79.99
Starter kit with portable light: $59.99
Accessories kit: $3.99

Tips for application:

  • Apply thin coats
  • Cure after each coat of polish (base coat, color, brilliance top coat, etc.)

I received the Starter kit with portable light (battery operated, whereas the pro light is plugged into the wall). It seems like a lot of steps, but if you don’t prep the nail properly, it won’t stay on as long.

First of all let me say, application is so easy.
Because the gel doesn’t dry until you cure it under the light, you have as much time in the world to apply it on the nail and correct any mistakes you might (I did) have made. I’m far from being a manicure expert, but this was extremely difficult.. to get wrong. (In other words, IT’S SUPER EASY!). Make sure you do thin coats, as if it's too thick it can run into the edge of your nail, look uneven and thick and also peels off more easily.

The first couple of times it may take a little longer than a regular manicure, but once you get more used to the differences, it’s pretty quick and painless. I did get a bit restless waiting the 2 minutes for each coat to cure, but once it’s dry, it’s hard as a rock. No smudging and having to redo your whole hand. Also, for the impatient ones, you can get the professional light which only needs 45 seconds to cure each coat. It’s a bit more expensive, but it really does cut that time down. I am seriously considering purchasing it myself, just because it’s a lot faster and I have an extremely short attention span.

One thing: since this is gel, it does not remove like regular nail polish (no matter how much it looks like nail polish in that bottle!). I made the stupid mistake of putting the Brilliance topcoat on instead of the Structure basecoat and had to remove it.. AFTER I already cured it. Took a little while, which surprised me – I guess I was still thinking in terms of regular polish. So yeah, one thing the company could do is make the topcoat and basecoat bottles a little different (for simple people like me… =_=).

EDIT: One thing to note - some of the brushes on the bottles were a bit wonky and had some hairs sticking out that made application difficult. Might just be new production issues, but I passed that info onto them anyway.

My Halloween costume this year is a school girl, so I wanted something simple and sweet looking to complement the outfit. The skirt is pink, so I used Red Carpet Manicure (RCM) After Party Playful, which is a soft, bubblegum pink. This is 2 coats.


For the accent nail I used RCM Candid Moment (from their Bridal collection) as a base and then used a dotting tool and one of my Color Club unnamed pink polishes for the flowers. The dot in the centre is Konad white and red special polish mixed together…. don’t ask. I was having a hard time finding the right colour.


I noticed some patchiness here and there and not sure if it’s just my newbie application… The box says only 2 coats of colour are needed, so maybe it is user error? Or maybe the lighter colours just turn out like that? Not sure, but it’s not really noticeable in real life, only on camera. I’ll have to try some of the darker colours and see if it makes a difference.

I wanted to try something a little more ‘hardcore’ Halloween, so I pulled inspiration from my favourite TV show (The Vampire Diaries) and did dripping with blood ‘Vampire’ nails. This would work a lot better with long nails, but I recently had to cut mine down ;_; As it is I think it looks pretty cool! I used RCM Candid Moment as a base and RCM Glitz & Glamorous (from their Holiday collection) for the blood drops. I think next year I’ll be Katherine (The Vampire Diaries) and have long talons dripping with glittery blood! Hey, you could still do it, I won’t be mad at you ;)


Some Halloween suggestions from the red Carpet Manicure team:

  • For a spooky and trendy look, try a reverse French manicure with our “Black Stretch Limo” shade.

  • Dressing up in an 80’s themed costume this year with friends? Check out Red Carpet Manicure’s hot pink shade “Paparazzied”. 

Red Carpet Manicure products are available at ULTA who are having a 20% off sale now thru Saturday Oct 30, with free shipping on purchases over $50.

They also have a Facebook page where you can see lots of photos and posts from people that have tried the products.

I'll be doing another post on the Red Carpet Manicure system and Autumn/Winter nail trends next week, so stay tuned!

What are you dressing up as for Halloween? Are you dressing up your nails as well?

Ishah xx

Disclosure: This product was sent for review consideration by PR representative of the company. This in no way influences my opinion of the product.

Oct 21, 2011

DYING to go lighter! Feria Hi Lift Hair Colour

Ok, it’s a cheesy title. Forgive me, I haven’t posted in a while so I’m feeling frivolous.

I wanted my hair to be a nice light brown for the remnants of Summer, and also needed to cover my darker brown roots, so I got this hair dye that is specifically for darker brunettes wanting to go light: Loreal Feria Hi-Lift Cool Brown 'Downtown Brown'.



It’s called a ‘hi lift’ colour, as it’s supposed to be a stronger formula that will lighten dark hair considerably. I was a bit worried that it would dry my hair out, but they include a nice big tube of super moisturising conditioner. It’s a creme dye, so it can drip a little if very saturated. I want to try a foam dye, since they are supposed to be completely drip-free. It wasn’t to runny though and didn’t have an overpowering smell. I tend to be sensitive to dyes and this one wasn’t too harsh.

The instructions say to leave it in up to 35 minutes, but I left it in a bit longer because it didn’t seem to be lightening up all that much. I’m glad I did, because even with the extra time it didn’t get quite as light as the shade guide promised. My hair was a medium to dark brown shade and dark brown at the roots, but the result is a bit darker than the ‘black hair’ shade.

L: Shade guide                                               R: How it turned out on my hair

Although it’s supposed to be a ‘cool’ brown, it still turned out a bit more orangey than the dye’s example pictures. It isn’t a bad result though, it’s more like a gyaru orange brown. My hair tends to go reddish every time I lighten it, so I expected a bit of warm tone to show through. It’s ‘multifaceted’ so the colour isn’t flat, but rather picks up highlights/lowlights in your hair and gives it a bit of depth. My roots are very slightly darker than the lengths, I probably should have left it on longer on the roots before doing the rest of my hair. It’s not really noticable in real life, but shows up on camera in certain lighting.


As far as at home ‘box dyes’ this one is pretty good. It didn’t lighten it as much as I wanted it to, but it’s a nice colour, it wasn’t patchy and didn’t leave stains on my hairline. I used most of the dye to fully saturate my shoulder length hair, so if you have long hair I’d recommend buying two boxes.

Now that Autumn is here, I’m thinking of dying my hair a medium plum brown colour…. what do you think?

Do you change your hair colour depending on the season?

Ishah xx

Oct 17, 2011

Manicure Monday: Layering with ORLY

Hello, my Beauties!

It’s been too long since I’ve posted.. I am definitely getting back into the swing of things though and I have HEAPS of stuff to review :) Today I have some ORLY nail products.

Now, my first impression of ORLY Sec n Dry topcoat wasn’t a good one; it dried super fast, but it also shrank and peeled and generally sucked as a topcoat. After some trial and error, I discovered it works beautifully when combined with ORLY Bonder base coat and a good wrapping technique on the tips. It lasts me a good week - week and a half without chipping or peeling.


I also picked up ORLY Bare Rose from their French Manicure collection. It’s a sheer rosy pink that looks really pretty by itself and even better layered over glitters. For this mani, I layered 1 coat of Bonder, 1 coat of Bare Rose, 1 coat of China Glaze Fairy Dust, another 2 coats of Bare Rose and 1 coat of Sec n Dry.


I love the soft, glittery effect; it looks like fairy floss (cotton candy) with sparkles :) It’s subtle, but in the sunlight Fairy Dust really lights up and looks amazing. The layering gives it a sparkly jelly look. This is definitely one of my favourite simple manis that I can see myself wearing on a regular basis.

Here’s another combo: 1 coat Bonder, 1 coat OPI Met on the Internet, 1 coat Milani Gems, 2 coats Bare Rose, 1 coat Sec n Dry.


I liked this one, but not as much as the first combo with Fairy Dust. This one was more noticable and Gems definitely gave a jewel-like sparkle to my nails. I think this would be a good Christmas mani, the colours were like ornaments and tinsel! The layering made it look like the glitter was suspended in a sheer pink polish and really smoothed it out and made it look flawless. I’m definitely going to be using Bare Rose a lot with my glitters! Usually I hesitate to use Gems as it can be a pain to take off, but I found that removal was a bit better because the glitter was encased in layers of nail polish and came off quite easily.

Do you like to layer sheer polish over glitters? I want to try a ‘candy mani’!

Look forward to lots of posts from me :) I am back with a vengeance and will endeavour to post frequently!

Ishah xx

Aug 26, 2011

FOTD Friday - Playing with Photoshop

Happy Friday Beauties!!

My poor #1 son is sick, so while he is sleeping and recuperating I snatched a little time to post :)

Lately I've been playing with photoshop (mostly out of vanity/fun... somewhat for professional interest!) and manipulating images to make them look 'like me but better'. It's not something I plan to do all the time (takes way too long) but it's fun and I am liking the results.

Of course, if I am reviewing a product then I wouldn't photoshop anything that affects the readers perception of that product (such as photoshopping blemishes when I'm reviewing a foundation.. or photoshopping extra lashes when reviewing a mascara!). That would be counterproductive and deceptive to you guys and I definitely don't want to fool anyone. I'm basically doing this for fun :)

Anyway, here are some pictures I have been playing with!



It’s kind of like that ‘spot the difference’ game…

Products used -

Missha Perfect Cover BB Cream, # 31
Hello Kitty Memoirs of a Kitty palette, peach blush

Urban Decay Primer Potion, Sin
Urban Decay Eyeshadow, Flash
Urban Decay Eyeshadow, Snatch
Urban Decay 24/7 Glide on Eyeliner, Zero
e.l.f. Studio Eyebrow Treat & Tame, Medium

NYX MegaShine Lipgloss, Lala

I’m wearing my new Geo/Olive Wing green lenses in these photos, which I will be reviewing soon! They are subtle but really pretty :)

What do you guys think of photoshopping on blogs? I think if you’re reviewing a product then you should not do any photoshopping of that specific feature, but I don’t see anything wrong with photoshopping blemishes on your forehead when you’re reviewing lipgloss. I think it’s fun, but I don’t think I’d have the patience to do it all the time, like some of the bloggers I follow (like Cheesie and Xiaxue).

Let me know your thoughts!

Ishah xx

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Aug 19, 2011

G&G/Dueba Puffy 3 Tone/Shinny Grey Circle Lens Review

Hey Beauties!

I recently bought two new sets of circle lenses from Kiwiberry1’s Collection. They were having a 40% off sale, so I decided to go for more vibrant colours than my first circle lenses purchase. If they didn’t look great, at least I wouldn’t have bought them at full price!

This is one of the pairs, G&G/Dueba Puffy 3 Tone Grey, also known as Shinny Grey.

Colour: Grey
Dia: 14.5 mm
Base: 8.6
Water: 38%

Disposable: 1 year

Sorry about the weird disparity of skintone here… The first pic was taken when I was less tan.

I absolutely LOVE these lenses, they are super pretty and vibrant without looking too fake. The pattern is gorgeous, I love how it fades into my natural brown. The size is 14.5mm which is bigger than my Honey Wing lenses, but not super huge. I think they give a nice, natural looking enlargement and are comfortable enough to wear all day. I only needed to put eye drops in twice throughout the whole day and I usually have quite sensitive eyes.

  • Comfortable, easy to wear for long periods
  • Beautiful pattern
  • Quite vibrant and opaque
  • Natural looking enlargement
I can’t think of any!! I love these lenses :) The only reason I can think of that you may not like them is if you are looking for super huge, super fake looking dolly eye lenses. These are more natural looking.

I think I paid around $12 each (with 40% off) for the lenses + $7 s&h. The s&h is a $7 flat rate up to $149.99 and orders over $150 ship free. You also get a free lense case with every pair of lenses. Normally the Puffy 3 Tone lenses are $20 which is still quite cheap compared to other suppliers. They don’t seem to have the Grey in stock at the moment, but hopefully they will restock soon! I also want to try the Aqua and Green.

Kiwiberry1’s Collection ships from the US, and also ships internationally (US$10 flat rate). Shipping was fast, it was less than a week from ordering that I received the lenses. I would definitely order from them again.

What do you think of grey lenses?

Ishah xx
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